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I loved this game so much but I felt like the choices didn't really matter just like The Walking Dead also good work chris im looking forward to other games made by you and i was hoping i could translate the game to other languages since im multilingual

I went through this but unfortunately I didn't like it. The choices are plentiful and probably meaningful, the problem is - my goal is _hard coded_ and my character wants to escape, no matter what. Maybe I got my expectations wrong but I was hoping to be able to chose goals (and so personality as well) of my character. Like - for example - that she will actually _want_ to become Queen.

I'm sorry you didn't like it, Elvira! I can understand if you don't like visual novels with predefined protagonist personalities. This game is more of an interactive narrative with various endings, and not as open-ended as some other VNs. The princess definitely has a personality haha! :P

Thanks for playing anyway!

Finished the game and I really enjoy the lack of enjoyment of being a confused princess in the setting. I can't really pick what I love most about the game, since I love all aspects of it, but I can say that most of the characters are lovable to an extent, the choices really put me in some REALLY tight spots, and the story is most enjoyable.

I felt a lot of emotions throughout the story that are unique to each characters depending on how the relationship is built, and I really love that you put how good the MC's relationship is with everyone. It gives me ideas on which ending to go for next and what I should do.

It really is an enjoyable emotional roller-coaster.

Thanks! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. Thank you for playing! :)


I loved this game! The writing is good, i didn't any spelling errors, the music is very fitting and most important DOG LOVE! How many endings are there? I'd love to make sure i got them all.

I'm glad you liked it! There are a handful of endings and a lot of small story aspects that can change, but the exact number is a secret! :P

I just finished the game and am really impressed. Everything was so professionally done(the music and visuals). The length was perfect and felt like a really engaging movie. 

I also loved the amount of choices. There were so many and I really had to think about what way I needed to speak to each individual person. That's rare in a visual novel as you typically don't feel it even matters, but I felt I needed to approach every situation differently here. 

I've always been really interested in King Henry and it was pretty cool to get to play through the experience. 

Is this on steam? It really should be if it isn't. It deserves a ton more exposure. 


Thank you! It isn't on Steam right now, but I am considering it for the future. 

I stan :D